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Bloomberg (January 25, 2024)

"The US capital is grabbing an outsize share of new jobs that require artificial intelligence skills, as the government and its contractors embrace the emerging technology, according to new research."

Financial Post (January 25, 2024)

"Over the past five years, the capital region surpassed the New York City metro area to become the country’s second-biggest hub of AI jobs — trailing only California. The Golden State, home to Silicon Valley, remains the clear leader with almost one-fifth of all AI job postings in the US, but its share declined in the period."

Stanford Prof. Andrew Ng (January 31, 2024)

“An analysis of United States job listings shows AI jobs are growing rapidly outside traditional tech hubs. California hosts the largest concentration, followed by the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. For people who want to make a career in AI, this report contains double good news.”

The Wall Street Journal (March 5, 2024)

“New AI job listings are up 42% compared with a December 2022 low point, according to University of Maryland researchers. That is in part because of ChatGPT’s late 2022 release, which set off an AI frenzy. The overall market for tech talent is still trending downward. New IT job listings were 31% lower in January compared with December 2022.”

Everyday AI (Video Podcast, March 6, 2024)

“AI jobs are more than just jobs -- they're a sign of where the U.S. economy is headed. Luckily for us, two experts have been keeping a close eye on AI job growth across the country, as they’ve created the world’s first AI-powered job mapping tool, We'll dive into their findings, and talk about why the dispersion of AI jobs matters.”

Poets & Quants (March 7, 2024)

“[The Smith team fine-tuned a large language model that actually reads the job posting the way AI would read any text, [They] have partnered with Outrigger Group and LinkUp to gather their data, sourced exclusively from company career pages. Gupta says that half of LinkUp’s clients are hedge funds that rely heavily on accurate data.”

AXIOS (April 16, 2024)

“As AI emerges as the hottest new thing in tech, cities outside Silicon Valley have a chance to get in on the action – and reap the potentially lucrative economic rewards. The estimates come by way of UMD-LinkUp, a collaboration between the University of Maryland, job listings platform LinkUp and consultancy/executive firm Outrigger Group.”

DC INNO Business Journals (May 8, 2024)

“Over the past year, the D.C. metro area has outpaced most of the nation in new job creation tied to artificial intelligence, a trend likely to continue as demand for AI-based products and services climbs….D.C. itself ranks ahead of all 50 states when it comes to the ratio of AI-related job postings to the total number of all new job postings over the past 12 months.”


UMD-LinkUp AI Maps is the world’s first attempt to map the creation of AI jobs. To date, the handful of research papers in academia and industry have used keywords to identify which jobs require AI skills and which do not. Our analysis indicates that this is an extremely flawed approach, with up to 70% false positives. In contrast, we use a fine-tuned large language model (LLM), powered by cutting-edge AI technologies, to differentiate jobs requiring AI skills from others. In short, we use AI to do research on AI.


Maryland Smith

The Robert H. Smith School of Business is a global leader in management education and research. One of 12 colleges and schools at the University of Maryland at College Park, the school offers undergraduate, MS, MBA, PhD, and executive education programs. Several of the school's departments rank among the top 10 in the world for research in their respective fields.


LinkUp combines more than 20 years of experience in human capital management and employment data with proprietary technology that indexes millions of job listings daily directly from employer websites around the world. From this unique jobs dataset, LinkUp provides clients with actionable insights into the global labor market at the macroeconomic to individual company level or across themes, skills, products, and technologies.

Outrigger Group

Outrigger Group provides fractional executives to fast-growing startups and established businesses. Outrigger's team of experienced executives and entrepreneurs help companies accelerate growth through the most challenging phases of building a business, from inception through liquidity events.


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